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Before you start

Applying for a Suncorp Personal Loan is easy. Your application should take around
15-20 minutes, and conditional approval can usually be given the working day after we receive your application. Once everything checks out, you’ll have your loan within a week. If you don't have enough time to complete your application now, you can save it and come back at a later date to complete.

Information you’ll need to apply

To apply for a Suncorp Personal Loan you must be 18 years or older and a resident of Australia.
To assist with your application, below is a checklist of what you may need to complete your application:

  • Personal details of each person applying for the loan
  • Your pay details, including your employer and their contact number
  • Details of assets (eg. home, car or savings)
  • Details of any loans, cards and expenses (eg. mortgage, credit cards etc)
  • Your Landlords name and phone number (if renting)

By checking this box, I/we acknowledge we confirm that I/we have read Suncorp's Credit Guide which contains key information about Suncorp’s obligations as a credit provider under an Australian Credit License.*

I have read and agree with the terms of Suncorp's Privacy Statement (Lending) and Suncorp’s Privacy Policy which outlines how my personal information may be collected, used and disclosed.*